Creative Leather Jewelry

I am so excited to announce my brand new book Creative Leather Jewelry that is out now in local bookstores and online. I have been working hard on it for the last year and I'm so excited how it came out!

Find my Book at the following:

Barnes and Noble

Lark Crafts



Learn How to Make Your Own Leather Jewelry

I will show you how to create bold, unique jewelry with a modern, architectural touch. My tutorials push the limits of traditional leather craft and design to create wearable art that’s colorful, fun, and contemporary. My tutorials teach you all the basic techniques for shaping, stamping, cutting, dyeing, painting, and sewing the leather into anything, while 21 projects—including Layered Fringe Earrings, a Dangling Chain Triangle Necklace, and a Geometric Cuff Bracelet—are perfect for beginners and those looking to venture into a new genre. They’ll spark your creativity and take you to the next level!