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About Boo

About Boo

Boo and Boo Factory was started by me, Christina Misic, as a creative outlet for my ideas. As many years passed and I grew a following, Boo has become my full time job. Designing fun and colorful unique wearable pieces is my passion and I hope you enjoy them too!

My background

I graduated with an architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago where I learned a variety of digital computer fabrication techniques that have greatly influenced my work. In architecture, most time is spent in the digital and I found myself wanting to reconnect with tangible objects I could create with my own hands.
After undergrad, I worked as an architectural designer in various architecture firms in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Around this time the economy was hit hard so finding architecture work became difficult. I decided to take matters into my own hands and start Boo and Boo Factory to sell my work online and see if I could make some extra income.
Shortly after I started Boo and Boo, I attended the Southern California Institute of Architecture. At this time, I used Boo and Boo Factory as a hands-on creative outlet that supplemented my architectural ideas. The income from Boo helped me to pay for my supplies, rent and other expenses in school. While attending graduate school, I gained a penchant for color and texture as well as advanced computer modeling and I discovered I had a love of small object design yet again. My business grew so much that I decided to pursue it full time instead of working in architecture.
Today, I combine handmade elements and laser cut design to create my pieces. All items are designed and cut in my studio with my own laser cutter. I use my architectural skills to create small works of art that you can wear.
I create leather, resin and acrylic jewelry influenced by my training as an architect. My designs are influenced by organic forms and ephemeral color palettes. I am known for funky and wild patterns, colors and shapes. My brand is known for playful and very unique statement earrings and necklaces.
I laser cut all items in my home studio and then paint and resin the pieces. My designs are very unique and are the combination of technology and analog processes. I started Boo and Boo Factory in 2010 and I’ve been full time the past 5 years. I am a small one-woman operation but my reach is global, having sold my pieces all over the world. I love what I do and it’s amazing that I can make a living with the support of my wonderful and faithful customers.

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