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About Boo

Hello and welcome to Boo and Boo Factory! All of my items are unique and meticulously hand crafted for your satisfaction! You will see my architectural background in these jewelry pieces. The items are sculpted and arranged in various compositions influenced by natural forms, color and pattern. 

Boo and Boo Factory was started by me, Christina Misic, as a creative outlet for my ideas. As many years passed and I grew a following, Boo has become my full time job. Designing fun and colorful unique wearable pieces is my passion and I hope you enjoy them too!

full time jewelry

Throughout my architectural career, I gained a penchant for color and texture as well as advanced computer modeling. I discovered I had a love of small object design yet again after years of working in the field. My business grew so much that I decided to pursue it full time instead of working in architecture.

Today, I combine handmade elements and laser cut design to create my pieces. All items are designed and cut in my studio with my own laser cutter. I use my architectural skills to create small works of art that you can wear.

I create leather, resin and acrylic jewelry influenced by my training as an architect. My designs are influenced by organic forms and ephemeral color palettes. I am known for funky and wild patterns, colors and shapes. My brand is known for playful and very unique statement earrings and necklaces.